Location & Drop off/Collection

The nursery is accommodated in a spacious single story building nestled within the beautiful countryside of Market Drayton, Shropshire. It has been designed to the highest standards to create a bright and stimulating environmnet in which your child will be safely cared for. The building is surrounded by large securely enclosed play areas and admittance to the nursery is strictly monitored. Our nursery gates lead to a long driveway surrounded by fields which lead back to the A53 Newcastle to Shrewsbury Road.

The nursery offers a large parking area for parents while collecting and dropping off their children. The entrance to the nursery is controlled by a key code system for enhanced security.


The nursery is split into four classrooms, these being:


1) Baby Room catering for children ages 6 weeks to 12 months or until toddling.

2) Bumblee Room catering for children ages 1-2 years.

3) Butterfly Room catering for children ages 2-3 years.

4) Preschool Room catering for children age 3-4 years and holiday club children.

Outdoor Area

Our expansive playgrounds include age appropriate equipment such as climbing frames, sand boxes, tricyles, mud kitchens and other fun toys and objects.


We offer a variety of learning experiences in our vast outdoor area to help encourgae those little green fingers.


The kitchen is designed to the highest standards and food provided is to the highest quality. Our lunches our provided from a highly qualified catering company, who take time to develop healthy, balanced menus for the seasons. We cater for all children with special dietary requirements and weaning foods which are prepared on site by our nursery cook.


The nursery has been awarded the Platinum healthy eating award from Shropshire County Council.