Baby Room (6 Weeks - Walking)

This room is designated solely for our youngest Ladybird's!  It provides a cosy, homely feel: the room is divided into three areas, a cosy soft area, the main play area and a sleep area.


Babies are particularly vulnerable to change. They learn to be independent by having someone they can depend on. When your baby is attending the nursery it is essential that they develop a secure relationship with a key person. This is why your child will have a key worker who will be responsible for working with you to learn your baby's routines and individual needs.


There is a very relaxed routine in the baby room. This does not mean that there is lack of activity. The first few months of life allows for the greatest amount of learning. Your baby will have lots of opportunities to explore the fun activities set daily. Activities are planned using the Early Years Foundation stage curriculum which we use throughout your baby's time at Ladybird's to track their progress and help them achieve their full potential before moving on to primary school.


Parents are given feedback on their baby's day using their home link book.

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