Bumblebee Room (walking-2 years)

Your child will move up to the toddler room when they become mobile and confident. This room is also planned around the Early Years Foundation Stage framework, Your child will have a named key worker who will be responsible for helping continue your childs development journey from their time in the baby room.


Daily activities are planned around each child's individual needs. The children have access to outdoor play areas where they can explore the environment in safety. Your child will be able to sleep when they require using either a cot or sleep mat available.


Butterfly Room (2- 3 years)


Your child will move up to the butterfly room when they turn two. Within this room your child will continue to follow their journey using the Early years foundation stage, with their new key worker close by. 


Daily activities are structured to your child's interests and varied to allow your child to explore and learn new and exciting things. 


Within the butterfly room the rountine becomes more structured to prepare your child for their time in the preschool room. 

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